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I became completely enthralled when I first discovered the medium of glass beads.
That is how i started creating my own, one of kind, handcrafted designer beaded jewelry. My jewelry is inspired by Native American, and African aboriginal art, as well as Victorian beading. I like using unique combinations of semiprecious stones, gold, silver and metal beads. Much of my fashion jewelry is made with opal, lapis, turquoise, jasper, eagle eye agate, quartz and pearls.
Beads have been used throughout history. Long ago the Ancient Greeks and Romans used them in their abacuses for counting. Many traders in the Middle Ages used beads as money, and priests and monks used them to keep track of repeated prayers.
Historical research is very important to me. I love finding a motif, discovering what it meant in ancient cultures and how it repeats itself in motifs today. Every piece of my jewelry contains a memory for me. Working with seed beads provides endless combinations, endless possibilities, and endless enjoyment for me.

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I design seed bead beaded jewelry for the modern woman-sophisticated, confident, and inspired by the world around her.
You will find in my seed bead jewelry creations luxurious and exotic patterns, beautiful combinations of different textures and materials.
I like working with tiny glass seed beads, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals. I like to use woven cotton cord, silk or cotton tassels, and natural leather. Consider a more refined version of the bohemian jewelry trend: a sleek, elegant, very well made artsy necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made from unique materials.
My new Beachcomber collection is created from beach founded objects: sea glass, driftwood, beach stones, and adorable feathers.
All Ezartesa's brand jewelry is one-of-a-kind, duplicates are not produced.
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