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EZARTESA Paintings For Sale

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I paint in oils, acrylics, watercolor and use mix media and offer abstract paintings, flower art, landscape art, still life paintings. In my new artwork you can find figures surrounded in decorative patterns and abstract forms. I like to use color, shape, pattern and line as my tools to express the essence of that beauty. I have two visions: one the vision of the eye, the other the vision of the mind or imagination. While painting the subject, I begin to simplify the form and erase details for emphasis and purity. Trying to reproduce the light and mood of the subject, I experiment with composition, tone and color, seeking a balance. Painting is my passion. It’s an obsession! I see a blank canvas and I can’t wait to start putting paint on it. Each tiny stroke for me is mysterious and beguiling. The act of creating the custom, fine art painting is pure pleasure.

paintings for sale
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Nature has inspired artists for thousands of years. Living on Cape Cod, affords me the opportunity to closely observe nature and make it an integral part of my life. Cape Cod’s sandy beaches, red cranberry bogs nestled in marshland, forest and incredible variety of animals and birds have been a very important source of inspiration in my Paintings.
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