Beading Tutorials, Jewelry, Crystal Stones and Colors Based on Cancer Zodiac Sign

Beading Tutorials, Jewelry, Crystal Stones and Colors Based on Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is both peaceful and passionate. Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac signs to get know. You are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about matters of the family and home. Cancer is sympathetic and attached to people they keep close. Those born with their sun in Cancer are very loyal and able to empathize with other people’s pain and suffering.
This is the list of some
stones that are recommended for everyone who was born under this star sign.
Ruby, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, smokey quartz, emerald, malachite, carnelian, Opal, Abalone shell, amber.
Ruby stone provides strength, vitality, boosts self-esteem, it acts as a positive energy and a great support in handling relationships. Ruby stone helps protect its wearer from the evils in the world. It signifies Love and passion, while attracting good friends and good luck.
I created fun and easy
beading tutorial inspired by Cancer zodiac sign birthstones and colors. This “Sea Dragon Wrap Bracelet Tutorial” includes 14 color pages, with 133 color pictures and 4 diagrams.


Learn how to make beautifully beaded, detailed Dragon wrap bracelet. Bracelet is quite easy to put it on or take it off. I used simple tubular herring bone, brick stitch, circle and flat odd count peyote stitches. For this bracelet I used
ruby Swarovski crystal bicones, seed bead Delicas in red, topaz, blue zircon, neon green and blue colors.
In the art of the Feng Shui, Dragon represents fortune, luck, growth and development.
There is a sense of mystery tied to Dragons…
Labradorite Stimulates intuition and raises consciousness. Increases energy flow to all chakras, stabilizing your aura. Reduces anxiety & stress.


This gorgeous statement necklace is created by using natural Labradorite cabochons and beads, faceted Czech glass beads and tiny glass seed beads in green, grey, dark olivine, silver lined light green and blue.

Moonstone the nurturing moon energy and vibrant water energy to the ground. It can also help develop and inspire your psychic intuition.
Opal removes fear during the times you are doubting yourself and encourages personal power when you are feeling confident. It is another stone that enhances your intuition.

This dragonfly pendant
beading tutorial is quite easy to follow and has many clear colorful pictures. It is made of 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads using peyote, herringbone and square stitches. I have used Swarovski pearls for the body and opal beads for the eyes. It is a versatile design. You can try different color combination of beads to create your own style. It can be used for brooches, pendants, ornaments, charms and so on.
Dragonflies are the keepers of the dreams, the energy within that sees all our true potential and ability. Dragonflies inspire spirituality and creativity; they help us on the path of discovery and enlightenment. They remind us that everything is possible. This material includes 8 color pages.

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Fun and gorgeous beaded green serpent wrap bracelet tutorial / pattern. Created from tiny glass seed beads, opal beads and Swarovski emerald crystals.
Bracelet is comfortable and looks stunning on! Inspired by the one of the best-known Lithuanian fairy tales Eglė the Queen of Serpents.
The serpents (žaltys) of the tale are grass snake in Lithuanian, but because they inhabit the sea, the word may mean a mythical water snake.
This material includes 12 color pages, with 112 color pictures and 6 diagrams.
Emerald helps dealing with stressful situations by boosting spiritual growth and effective communication with others. Emerald promotes emotional stability and peace, helping Cancer signs to balance their emotional state.
This necklace is created from tiny Japanese glass seed beads, Malachite cabochons and beads, Swarovski crystals and Emerald beads.
Amber stone has great qualities to heal the physical and emotional body and if negative comes from undesirable sources, it is especially useful to help you.

This Sunny Amber Bracelet is created from glass seed beads and large natural amber bead.
I created this “Austėja the Queen of Bees” Bracelet from glass seed beads, Swarovski crystals and Czech
amber color glass beads.
Austėja is the Bee Goddess of Lithuania where the honeybee is a symbol of friendship. According to Baltic mythology she offers special protection to brides, pregnant women, and beekeepers too.
Learn how to create honeycomb beads, clasp, and bees of different sizes from tiny glass seed beads and Swarovski crystals. This sunning beaded bracelet is perfect for the party time!

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Cancers love to bring brightness and life to any situation, and the right color can give them the courage and confidence they need to face the world.
Here are five colors that are best for the Cancer zodiac sign.

  1. Color for cancer zodiac sign: Seaweed Green. The color represents harmony and health, freshness, fertility, growth and the environment.
  2. Sea Glass Blue. This color represents truth, confidence, faith, coolness and intelligence.
  3. Sky Blue. The color represents ocean where the crabs live. Blue also offers direction and empathy.
  4. Sand-Brown. Brown is a stable and grounded color which means stability and orderliness.
  5. Whitish Gray. This color represents cleanliness, safety and successful beginnings. It is a diplomatic color. Light grays can carry some of the attributes of the color white.

cancer zodiac sign colors stones beaded butterfly wrap bracelet tutorial ezartesa design
This butterfly wrap bracelet beading pattern includes many color pictures and clear instructions to make a gorgeous bracelet. Purchase this pattern at my EzartesaJewelry Etsy shop.
Your Zodiac sign can give you powerful insight into your past, present and future, but it is not an isolated system. Your body and mind form a complex matrix that responds to colors and crystals. The way you respond to color is usually very individual and is related to your own past experiences and your personality. I would suggest experimenting with colors and jewelry designs and try to understand what feels wright to you and your soul.

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