How To Make Sea Glass Necklace From Your Beach Walk Finds

Do you have some gorgeous pieces of frosted sea glass, smoothly shaped beach stone or artistic driftwood and wondered how to turn them into prized pieces of jewelry? Or maybe just curious about how to make this type of jewelry. I would like to show you how to bring out the beauty of your beachcombing finds and turn them into stunning masterpieces of wearable adornments.

Over the years on my beach walks I have acquired a large collection of jewelry quality sea glass, driftwood, and shells. The sea glass gems I choose for my beachcomber necklaces must be already nicely shaped and free of any obvious flaws. Most important I don’t need to cut, shape, or alter the sea glass, the sea, sand and waves do the job.

When I have the idea for the necklace, I just go through all my sea glass collection and look for the shapes and color I need for my adornment. Sometimes it takes a long time to decide which pieces will go to my design…

Once that decision is made, the fun part of designing sea glass jewelry begins. When it comes to planning and creating, a lot of times it’s simply intuition …

My technique for making the beaded bezels and connecting the separate pieces are the even and add-count peyote, brick, and tubular peyote stitches. These are the very simple and easy bead weaving technique stitches.

The Queen of the underworld beaded necklace is available

I really love working with tiny Japanese glass seed beads and natural gemstone beads. I love the texture that tiny beads create. There are many different finishes, colors and shapes of glass seed beads, just by combining them in different color combinations makes each piece one of a kind.

I like to use the matte finished beads for the sea glass pieces. It just compliments so beautiful the frosted sea glass texture. And I use the gold finished beads as an accent. There is something about the look of frosted glass and the gleam of gold as well as the way it showcases the common light blue, green and translucent whites.

After choosing the couple main elements for the necklace and playing with them around little bit. I decide what kind of shape my necklace will be: simple pendant hanging from the leather cord, the choker style or a long-beaded necklace.

If you collect the beach gems, why not learn how to make your own jewelry to showcase your beautiful finds?

This “The Four Elements of Matter” beading tutorial shows how to use a very simple peyote stitch to create a stunning necklace. It has many tips for beading paths to combine the elements. You’ll be amazed by how much you can accomplish with just needles, thread and beads.

Discover a new world of creative possibilities with bead weaving technique! It’s fun and easy to make artsy and unique jewelry with beach find objects.

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Symbolism in Children’s artwork: A process of psychological transformation

Today I want to talk about the symbolism in children’s artwork. Symbolism can in fact be a way to extract the inner workings of the psyche and find out more about yourself, and in so doing, to help you evolve as an artist. 
symbolism-in-children-artwork-psychological-transformation-small. I’m sharing with you the amazing masterpiece by my niece Meda (she is almost 12 years old). 

I’m sharing with you the amazing masterpiece by my niece Meda (she is almost 12 years old). 

I just think that the painting is brilliant!!! There is lots of symbolism in it, and a strong expression of emotions. I love the style of it, beautiful colors and simple, clear composition.
When I got it as an early gift for Christmas, at first, I was so excited to see that she is experimenting with new painting techniques, it’s not the drawing on the paper anymore but now it’s an acrylic painting on canvas. Then I got a little bit emotional because I saw the tears in her eyes. 
But then I started noticing the details…the eyes are wide open (she is conscious and aware of everything) and painted in orange (orange is the color of enthusiasm, emotion and strength; it symbolizes adventure and social communication).
Right away I noticed the presence of the duality: the portrait is divided in blue (sky, male, rational, consciousness) and red (earth, female, subconscious, instincts). The face is divided in pink and yellow (right and left sides of the brain). All the action is going on in the head…
And then I see the stark black background…which I think symbolizes the loss of “paradise” – the simple freedom where all energy is good energy. Where there’s no duality, just perfection, wholesomeness, it’s the time before the birth of the ego.
This painting is the perfect illustration how the human consciousness is growing and evolving.
We are all humans going through the same cosmic cycles:
At the beginning, we get the taste of the paradise (uroboric state of preconsciousness), then we are thrown out of it and are aware of good and evil (growth of the ego, duality). Then comes the confrontation and manipulation of the evil (psychological transformation, development of personality), next the death of the ego and rebirth…and finally the restoration of the wholesomeness and balance. We humans have to be compassionate for each other, simply because we are all going through the same stuff.
I think it’s very important to experience and be conscious about every emotion, good or bad, and try not to suppress it…
There is one more detail I want to mention, blue heart above her head. I think it symbolizes hope, she knows that in all the darkness there is love, light and peace.
I will finish this with the quote by Dolly Parton “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!”

These are the previous drawings by Meda.

symbolism-in-childrens-drawings-psychological-transformation-human.  gave the name for this painting “The paradise “. She was 6 years old when she did this drawing.

I gave the name for this painting “The paradise “. She was 6 years old when she did this drawing.

symbolism-children-drawings-paintings. This drawing was done after receiving Holy Communion (she was 11 years old)
This drawing was done after receiving Holy Communion (she was 11 years old).