Making Jewelry from Sea Glass with Interesting Materials: Seed Beads, Leather, Cotton Tassels, Driftwood, Feathers and Cotton Cord

sea glass collectors simply choose to keep their treasures in jars, while others enjoy giving pieces to friends or relatives. I collect these frosted gems for my jewelry making projects and crafts. I love combining sea glass with tiny glass seed beads, leather, driftwood, shells, and feathers to form a beachy style Jewelry.
Making Jewelry From Sea Glass, Tutorial by Ezartesa.

What I love about the sea glass? There is no two identical pieces of sea glass. Every shape is unique and exiting! When I look for the quality pieces of sea glass for me is very important smoothness, absence of chips, shape and size. If I find a piece that’s still has a sharp edges or is not opaque, I just let it stay on the beach for more rolling.
cape cod sea glass
When I designing a piece of jewelry, I always start with the color combinations, shape and size of the sea glass. Then I decide what seed bead color palette will be, or what patter I need to create to enhance the beauty of sea glass.
I like using a natural leather for my jewelry base. Usually wider and longer leather strip is cut for the centerpiece, and two or four smaller pieces arranged around it.
Beaded Cotton Tassel Necklace Tutorial by Ezartesa
Beaded Cotton Tassel Necklace Tutorial by Ezartesa

Seed bead TUTORIAL: My favorite sea glass jewelry designs have incorporated handmade tassels, which are not difficult to make.
Step 1: Cut a winding board from heavy card stock, or cardboard; for the big tassel 6cm cardboard, for two small 4,5cm.
Step 2: Wind thread around board in loops until you reach desired fullness (as you work, you can change thread colors)
Step 3: Tie 5-inch thread into a tight knot around top of looped thread.

Step 4: Cut through looped ends (take it off board), and adjust it into tassel shape
Step 5: Cut a 12-inch length of thread to wrap tassel neck: Fashion 1 end of thread into a loop shape, then lay loop on tassel. Grasp the other end, and wrap it tightly around tassel and over the top of the loop to secure it. Wrap slowly, working from the top of the neck down, so neck threads lie evenly next to one another. As you wrap, ensure all the threads in the head and skirt are neatly in place. After wrapping neck, pass end of thread through loop and gently close loop, tucking ends into the head of the tassel. Trim tassel ends, a few threads at a time, to even them if necessary. On top of the tassel, cut the thread tales of too.

Step 6: Wash the tassels with shampoo, brush and dry.
I like to use natural feathers for my sea glass necklaces. I usually glue the feather to the middle of leather strip, and fold the other end of leather on top of feather. Then I work in flat, odd-count peyote stitch to make a strip form glass seed beads to put it on top of leather.
How to Work with Feathers, Leather and Glass Seed Beads, Tutorials by Ezartesa.
How to Work with Feathers, Leather and Glass Seed Beads, Tutorials by Ezartesa.

For my hand beaded one-of-a-kind sea glass necklace I use my hand painted original evil eye painted cabochons. I use an acrylic paint and natural bone hand cut cabochons.
Evil Eye Original Hand Painted Cabochons by Ezartesa for Sale
Evil Eye Original Hand Painted Cabochons by Ezartesa for Sale.

My mostly all beachcomber, sea glass necklaces are reversible and adjustable. I use a cotton cord and glass seed beads to create sliding clasp, that necklace could be adjusted to desire length.
Genuine Beach Glass, Evil Eye and Beaded Cotton Tassel Necklace for Sale
Genuine Beach Glass, Evil Eye and Beaded Cotton Tassel Necklace for Sale.

Making jewelry from beach found objects: sea glass, driftwood, shells and feathers is a real pleasure. No feather, sea shell or beach glass are identical, that’s the most interesting and exciting part of process creating sea glass jewelry.