Pastel Color Bridal Necklace For A Boho Chic Beach Wedding

Every bride has her own personal taste, with the variety amongst this bunch, there is something for everyone. I created this pastel color necklace “Grace” for bohemian bride- free spirited woman, inspired by the world around her.

Pastel Color Bridal Necklace For A Boho Chic Beach Wedding by Cape Cod jewelry designer Ezartesa.
Jewelry design © Ezartesa. Buy Now!

For this beautiful, simple but very special, one-of-a-kind bridal necklace I used Blue Lace Agate cabochon as a base, and embellished it with rose alabaster satin Swarovski crystals, and violet Oyster Shell Heishi beads. This hand beaded necklace has lilac, taupe, silver plated glass seed beads, Botswana Agate beads, grey, light green Oyster Shell Heishi beads, and magnetic clasp (easy to put it on, and put it of). I used and followed the principles of rhythm, harmony, balance, scale and proportion, a great use of color and texture.
I call this stunning pastel color necklace “Grace” because Blue Lace Agate stone commonly believed to calm the mind, enhance grace and increase lightheartedness.
A soft blue, pink, purple, and light green color flashes of Oyster Shell Heishi beads makes this necklace perfect for summer beach wedding.