Gemini Zodiac Sign Birthstones

Gemini sees that you don’t care, they won’t either. They follow the rule of reciprocity. Show them love, friendship, effort and you shall receive it tenfold. Gemini are gifted in many areas and smarter than most, they will always make a way out of no way. They don’t settle just for anything.
Gemini has a lot of patience and it takes a lot to make them angry, but when they boil over, they are like volcano! Watch out!
This is the list of some crystals that are recommended for everyone who was born under this star sign.
Citrine, Botswana Agate, Clear Quartz, Alexandrite, Pearl, Chrysocolla, Tigers Eye, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Dalmatian stone.
Botswana Agate a supportive stone that holds warmth energy, gently encouraging and engaging your creative spirit.
Blue Lace Agate is a gentle, calming crystal. Wearing this stone helps to calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety.
This gorgeous statement necklace is created by using natural Botswana Agate cabochons, Blue Lace Agate large beads, faceted Czech glass beads and tiny glass seed beads in dark smoke, blue lace, peach and black. Necklace is available at my Etsy Shop.

I created fun and easy beading tutorial inspired by Gemini zodiac sign colors and birthstone - Alexandrite.
Alexandrite is a symbol of luck and love. June birthstone.
The beading tutorial includes instructions to make a fun modern flower dangle earring.

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Citrine a stone for finding your power and using your abilities to unlock your soul potential and attract prosperity.
gemini-zodiac-sign-jewelry-blue-seaglass-beachstone-citrine-beaded-necklace This necklace is created from tiny glass seed beads, natural Citrine gemstone, Agate beads, Genuine blue sea glass and Swarovski crystals.

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing stone on earth. It energizes and activated your chakras. Helps us to see things more clearly.
The beading tutorial includes instructions to make a gorgeous pair of Clear Quartz point dangle earrings. Golden beaded cap is created from tiny glass seed beads #11 and #15 (rocaille).
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Power Color: Neon Yellow. Wearing yellow and green bring luck and prosperity to Geminis.
Beaded friendship bracelet is created from tiny glass seed beads in neon green, yellow, blue.
This beading tutorials is inspired by Ancient Egypt pyramids.

The beading pattern includes very clear instructions to make a gorgeous bracelet. Purchase this pattern at my:
EzartesaJewelry Etsy shop.